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Dear friends ,
The family business “Amvrakikos Cruises” invites you to visit the gorgeous city of Preveza , and take part in our tours.
It is considered a unique opportunity to explore a particularly beautiful part of Greece , and all of its natural spectacles along with its historical and archaeological landmarks as well as its gastronomic treasures .
Considering all of that , Amvrakikos Cruises , promises to offer a unique environmental experience in the tranquil waters of the gulf of Amvrakikos , while sailing with its traditional boats.
We offer an unparalleled sea tour in our rich ecosystem of the Amvrakikos , during which we are going to meet with the majestic and playful Bottlenose dolphins , the shy Careta-Careta turtle and plenty of rare aquatic birds.
Additionally ,the exploration activities can proceed on the land , with the cooperation of experts on the history and culture of our province. They can show you around the museum of Nicopolis dedicated to the history of the ancient city of Nicopolis , a city built by Octavian in the roman times in order to remind history of his victory against his enemies in the famously significant battle of Actium in 31 b.C. .
Only some Kilometres far from preveza , stands the ancient city of Kassopi as well as its ancient theatre , and on the top of Zaloggo mountain , stands the great Zaloggo monument . And let’s not forget the legendary oracle of the Acheron river.
The best time to visit all of those places in our province is between April and November , an ideal time , as the warm and pleasant climate of Epirus provides a great atmosphere for exploration.

Useful information about our cruises and activities:

1.The exact schedule is determined by the weather conditions ( wind) as well as direct communication between the participants and the managers of the cruise.
2. The tour lasts around 3 to 3.30 hours
3. We provide water , refreshments and sandwiches to every participant.
4. The maximum amount of participants is 46
5. The guided tours in the Archaeological sites will be conducted by professional archaeologists.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Captain Ioannis Giovanos, manager of the Amvrakikos Cruises

Con.: +30 6949353576
+30 6945847788
E mail: amvrakikoscruises@gmail.com
Website: amvrakikoscruises.gr